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1 / How is this different from counseling?

Counseling looks at current patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotion, and offers tools to address those things that are troubling. Spiritual companioning instead focuses on how you're experiencing God and how God is experiencing you. Therapy and spiritual companioning are both excellent to receive concurrently! But if anything comes up in our time together that I think needs a licensed therapist, I can provide recommendations.

2 / What does a typical session look like with you?

We start each session with a contemplative prayer practice. I rotate through different practices each month so that you're able to build a library of prayer practices. 


After that I hold open space for you to prayerfully process through whatever you feel needs attention. It could be...

  • a moment of joy that caught you off guard and you’d like to explore how Jesus was present in it

  • exploring a moment of transition you find yourself in, and you want to spend time looking for Jesus’ invitation in it

  • holding open space to process loneliness 

Whatever it may be, we’ll spend the majority of our hour in that space, where I listen to you and prayerfully ask questions as we look for where and how God is active and present in your life.

Finally, we will summarize what came up during our time together and then I'll close our time in prayer.

3 / Why do you offer spiritual companioning?

I do this because it is an absolute honor to bear witness to God at work in other's lives. I never know how a session will go but I consistently walk away in awe of the way God is ever present and tending to the needs of His people.

4 / Do you have a spiritual companion(s) in your own life?

I do - I need one just as much as the next person! I have a spiritual director that I meet with as well as a group of women that meets monthly for group companioning. Both are unique spaces that I cherish deeply. It is a gift to have that space held open for me by others and to have them come alongside me to navigate Christ's presence. This is what I desire for you to experience as well.

5 / What happens if I become uncomfortable or feel overwhelmed during our time together?

First, please know that I will make every effort to prevent this from happening, but sometimes things sneak up on us and catch us off guard. And it's ok to be human. If at any time during our session you need to take a step back, that's perfectly fine. Your consent to enter this space is a very precious aspect of spiritual companionship, and if ever you need to withdraw that consent I will honor that. Additionally,  I will take great care to avoid pressuring or asking leading questions.

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